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Deliveries of Russian honey

Honey Buyers are constantly looking for a new supplier of honey. Now, buying honey in Russia has become very competitive. If you decide to start buying honey in Russia, and have not found a Russian honey sellers, but are willing to purchase our company can help you at any stage of the search providers to design documents and transportation. Sale of honey abroad is a more complicated business than the sale of his home. Difficulties may arise in the preparation of veterinary certificate (needed in the buyer's country and confirming the quality of the goods), while the export customs clearance when transporting goods abroad and in the interaction with the authorities of foreign exchange control.
Deliveries of Russian honey
Buying honey in Russia requires careful preparation: honey market research proposals, the search for potential Russian honey producers, the international registration of contract for supply of goods, cargo insurance, export customs clearance in Russia and delivery. In accordance with the Decision of the Customs Union Commission dated 18.06.2010 number 317 honey exporter is obliged to comply with the veterinary legislation of the importing country. Therefore, to send the owner of the goods abroad honey obliged to comply with the veterinary requirements for honey in the state veterinary service of the importing country. In accordance with these requirements, conduct laboratory studies and draw up a veterinary certificate form number 5g.

"Anvay" The company has a solid experience in the export-import world market. We offer: individual approach; support of transactions, taking into account the requirements of legislation; customs clearance services; the optimum package of logistics and transport services. Turning to us, you will save yourself a lot of trouble arising at all stages of the purchase and supply of honey. Leave a request via the feedback form and we will contact you.

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