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Export from Russia

Export of goods from the territory of the Russian Federation abroad, subject to the following Russian laws: Customs Code of the Russian Federation, federal laws "On the basis of state regulation of foreign trade activities", "On Currency Regulation and Currency Control", "On export control" and other documents.

Many sellers of goods in Russia do not have the ability and willingness to communicate with the sale of goods abroad, to engage in customs clearance, shipping, ie They prefer the "ex" conditions. The company "Anvey" offers an international contract holder, ie, to export goods on the basis of a single payment, which includes the cost of goods, export customs clearance, international shipping of goods. In this case, we will conclude a contract of sale with the seller of goods to Russia, an international contract for the supply of goods to a foreign company, we carry out export customs clearance in Russia, we arrange international shipping from Russia to your destination. We can also arrange import customs clearance of your goods in the destination country (customs clearance of imported goods). This means that we take care of all the risks associated with the removal and clearance of goods from Russia abroad.

Exports from RussiaExport of goods from Russia is as follows:
1) you negotiate with your Russian sellers, all negotiating the terms of the transaction, according with our key points.
2) Our company enters into a contract with an international search.
3) Our company concludes with the Russian seller of the contract of sale and buy goods at the normal contract of sale. From that moment all the problems with the export of goods fall on us.
4) Our staff will prepare a complete package of financial and shipping documents: invoice, packing list, certificates, passports, insurance, export declaration, etc.
5) Our company draws up export customs release of goods with payment of export customs duty.
6) Our company organizes international transportation of goods from Russia to the foreign partner.

Exports from RussiaThe advantages of this scheme exports of goods in our contract:
1) You are not external economic risks associated with the export of goods from Russia.
2) Our company will be your confidant in Russia.
3) You do not do the paperwork in Russia.
4) You do not do international delivery of your goods from Russia.

Turning to us, you will save yourself a lot of trouble arising at all stages of the export of goods from Russia. The cost of our services is discussed individually in each case, depending on the complexity of the delivery and cost of goods. To calculate the cost of transportation, you need only be contacted by e-mail or make a request on our website.