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Air cargo from Russia

If you need to significantly reduce the time for shipping, the fastest mode of delivery of your product - air transportation. Transportation of cargo by air - this is one of the fastest and most reliable means of transportation. The speed of air cargo transportation are superior road and rail many times. Due to international air travel, you can significantly reduce the duration of the process of transportation of your goods from the sender to the recipient. The main activity of our company are cargo flights, or more precisely, international cargo transportation by air transport of virtually any complexity. Air freight carried from airports: Kazan "International Airport Kazan," Moscow "Domodedovo", "Sheremetyevo", "Vnukovo". Transport by air is carried out by regular passenger, cargo and charter flights from Russia, CIS and Baltic countries in Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Central and South-East Asia, Australia, Africa as well as in North and South America.

The cost of air travel (fares) today depend on the weight of the load, the size and class of dangerous goods. The minimum chargeable weight during air transportation - 30 kg. The cost of air also depends not only on the weight of the load, but also by its volume (volumetric weight). In accordance with the current regulations is considered bulk cargo load of 1 kg which occupies a volume of more than 0,006 cubic meters. m., i.e. the weight of one cubic. meter cargo must not be less than 167 kg. To calculate the volumetric weight adopted the following formula: Volume weight = length x width x height (in centimeters) / 6000. If the value calculated by the formula exceeds the actual weight (gross) the goods, the payment for air transportation will be charged based on the volume weight.

Kazan airportDebugged long-term contractual relationships with leading airlines (such as: Singapore Airlines, Air India, S7 Airlines, Lufthansa Cargo, Turkish Airlines, DHL Aviation, Emirates, Air Baltic, Hainan Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines, Korean Air Cargo, Brussels Airlines and others. ) and airport services Kazan and Moscow provide stable and high quality air traffic regardless of the route of cargo.

Offering services in international transport of goods by air, the company "Anvay" based on their own experience and partnerships with the largest Russian and foreign air carriers. These relationships allow for registration of export-import operations in the shortest possible time in strict accordance with the regulations in the airports of departure or arrival. Passing freight transportation, the cargo can be completely confident in its safety and timely delivery.