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Cargo transport by road FTL

International shipping goods by road - the most affordable and simplest form of international transport. Road transport - the very best deal on a combination of "speed - price - quality" in comparison with rail and air transport for international delivery. We deliver export and import goods all over Europe, the Baltic States and Asia, with a message from the Russian motor trains with capacity from 20 to 120 cubic meters. m.

We provide international road transport of goods, and one of the priorities for us is the strict adherence to deadlines. It contributes to this as an excellent technical condition of the trucks, accumulated experience, and competent preparation of transport documents for goods. Qualified staff "Anvay" company quickly prepare the necessary documents, including customs declaration and other documents required for crossing the border. One of the factors that allow strictly adhere to the terms of delivery, is a good customs clearance. We are preparing the necessary documents, including a variety of certificates and permits, full regulatory compliance.

International shipping goods by road is the most popular form of transportation. Main export and import flows are carried out, primarily due to road transport. The choice of vehicles is so wide that allows to pick up vehicles for the delivery of goods of a particular size and weight: a huge multi-ton van or wagon, which makes automobile carry the most cost-effective.

Note that we make all the necessary transport documents and any kind of product groups, provide customs clearance and certification. Our managers will advise you in the field of foreign economic activity and constitute the most profitable and fastest route of the vehicle. And so you do not have to be afraid of the inevitable situations that are rare, but do occur, we provide cargo insurance services.